Interested in selling Suneez? Already a customer? Either way, this section provides further information to our retail partners!

We would like to sell Suneez, is this possible?

We are always looking for wholesale distributors and retailers who would like to sell Suneez. Please email us to discuss.

How can we get wholesale prices?

We are happy to discuss pricing, simply drop us an email at

How can we place an order?

You will first need to register as a customer with us, at which point you'll be given further details. You can email us at to set up as a customer.

Can we backorder items that are not in stock?

Sorry, we do not accept backorders.

Can we order stock to be delivered at a future date?

Yes this is fine.

Can you drop ship?


Do you have product images available?

Please use this link to download all Suneez images. This is a 65mb zip file.