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Ivica Suneez Kids Sunglsses
Bora Suneez Kids Sunglsses



Polarized Lenses

All pairs of Suneez are fitted with polarized lenses to help reduce glare. The effect of polarized lenses is easier to see than to explain. Just look at the image below to see how Suneez polarized lenses can produce clearer images with better contrast.

With Suneez

polarized lenses

Without Suneez

polarized lenses

With Suneez

polarized lenses

More Details (the geeky stuff):

Glare is caused when light hits reflective surfaces in just the right way and becomes polarized. Usually light is absorbed and/or reflected in many different directions when it hits a surface, but when it comes to reflective surfaces such as snow, water, cars buildings etc., the horizontal waves bounce off and the vertical waves are absorbed which can create intensely bright light which can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Normal non-polarized sunglasses lenses simply reduce the amount of ambient light reaching the eye. Only polarized lenses can stop glare. These lenses, such as the ones used in Suneez, have a special laminated coating that contains vertical strips which act like venetian blinds. This means horizontal waves are blocked and vertical waves pass through to your eye, reducing glare and creating a clearer more contrasting image.




100% UVA/UVB Protecton

Both UV400 and UVA / UVB are types of ultraviolet (UV) light that can harm our eyes. Wavelengths of 100-280nm (nanometres) are classed as UVC and are completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere. Wavelengths from 280 up to 400 (which includes UVA and UVB) are the ones that can be dangerous and the ones which Suneez block completely.


Flexible Frames

One of the main reasons for not spending much money on children's sunglasses is that they will quickly get broken, so it's not worth spending much. Suneez are made from a fully flexible material meaning they won't snap. They're virtually unbreakable, believe us, we've tried! And if you don't believe us, we got one of our models to demonstrate below!

Trinxa Suneez Kids Sunglasses


Includes Strap & Carry Pouch

Don't worry about your child losing their Suneez...thanks to the handy strap, they won't fall off! The carry pouch which is also included protects Suneez from getting damaged and also doubles as a lens wipe to keep them clean! Both strap and pouch come in vibrant colours which match the front frames of the glasses they come with, creating a cool, stylish look!

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